CHemical RISk calculators (CHRIS) - Color additives (v2)

For details on how to use the CHRIS color additive module, please click the information icons next to each section header and read the Context of Use (CoU), which includes limitations of use. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. For a history of updates, please see the changelog.

Color additive

Amount (mg):
Total impurity concentration (%):

Polymer matrix

Mass (g):
Density (g/cm3):

Device characteristics

Exposed surface area (cm2):
Exposure type: long-term prolonged limited


Check all statements below that are applicable to your color additive containing component:

The clinical use environment does not cause the polymer matrix to swell or degrade.
Manufacturing processes do not impact the stability of the polymer.
The color additive is homogeneously distributed throughout the polymer.
The total amount of color additive is present in dilute concentrations (≤ 2 m/v %).
Color additive particles/aggregates present in the polymer are much smaller than the smallest component dimension (≤ 50x).

Exposure assessment

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